Do You Need Professional Architecture Services From Our Architects?

Pre Design

Pre Design is the preliminary analysis portion of architectural design. Pre design includes feasibility study, zoning analysis, budgeting, and programming. This mostly applies to larger projects. Not all firms are competent in zoning and must hire separate zoning consultants. As a full-service architecture firm, we always do pre-design with our clients.


Schematic Design and Design Development

Our firm provide services to make architecture Schematic Design and Design Development. Schematic Design is a basic design and design Development is a more detailed and worked out design without getting into too much detail.


Interior Design

Our architectural firm do provide services for interior design. Client can chose to let us do the interior design along with our services, or hire a separate interior designer.


Engineering Consultants

Most companies will have engineering consultants. But there is a difference on how this is structured. Sometimes the client hires the Structural and MEP engineer separately and sometimes the architect will hire them. At our firm, we usually hire them for you as we already have experience cooperating with various engineering consultants which easen the communication.


BIM Building Information Modelling

BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. This is a type of 3D model for architecture that holds more information than typical architectural software does. Not all firms use BIM. We offered BIM upon request. Do discuss with us about this.


Construction Documents

Construction Documents is the largest phase of the architectural process. This is bulk of the technical work where an architect takes their design and develops it into a larger full set of drawings for construction. Not all firms have the technical know how about construction, resulting in some firms hiring other architects to do this portion of work. Our firm offers such services.


Filing & Permitting

The process of filing and permitting is complicated, especially in Malaysia. As a full-service architecture firm in Malaysia, we do all of our own filing and DOB paperwork in house.


Construction Administration

Construction administration is what we refer to as the architect’s role during construction. The architect does not supervise construction but visits the job site periodically to answer questions and deal with issues. The architect will make sure the work is being performed in accordance with the approved plans and with the proper expected level of quality. Our firm include this along with other services we offered.


Certificate Of Occupancy

At the end of the job, there are inspections to be done and sign-offs. An architect can help with this process, especially in Malaysia that requires progress and special inspections done by separate independent architect and private inspectors.


Full Set of Architecture Services

Full services from the start of the pre-design, to the full complete building.

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